Friday, 8 January 2010


2010 has started and i'm in the mood for making a post!
Christmas was the same, family came around and we stuffed our faces like the gluttons we are!Christmas isnt Christmas any more - it feels just the same as a boring day in May (at least it feels that way anyway) it isnt significant to me anymore!

After all the festive "cheer" I decided that several new years resolutions were in order! I am really trying to keep them this year as last years attempt at trying to stop swearing was broken 6 seconds in!

Leaving school on tuesday was such a good feeling! - I had coursework due in the next day and I had only done half of it - however, the snow that was forecast for that night had resulted in the school being closed! It would appear that wearing a lucky thong works every now and then... joking... or am i?
With all this free time I have been watching movies along with revision. Today I watched my all time favourite film "Good Bye Lenin!" a german film showing life in Berlin before and after the wall came down and how different life became. There was a most charming piano piece in the movie that I had to learn: "watching lara" after a good half an hour of listening to it over and over I picked it up on the piano - bit shaky but i'm getting there!
"once I was happy in happy extremes,
packing my bags for the path of the free
from pillar to post, i am driven it seems
these bitter tokens are worthless to me"