Thursday, 15 October 2009

Embarassing moments bitch please!

Ok - I should really be doing work but doing a new blog was too enticing..
I was thinking today what is my most embarasing moment? there have certainly been hundreds of them!
I will recall a hurrendous ordeal which took place last year - it is most probably the most embarasing

I was with friends sitting on a bench in the town - nothing else to do. Suddenly my friend comes out of no where saying that he needs to get some condoms as he was meeting up with his girlfriend later. So we go searching this town for some vendor machines - when there was no luck at any public toilets I was forced to go into sainsburys to buy him a pack. So there i was standing with a pack of durex in my hand, wanting to draw as little attention to myself as possible I decided that buying a nutri grain aswell would decrease the akwardness with the shopkeeper how wrong I was!
I stumble up the shopkeeper and hand over the goods - she gives me the most AKWARD look I have ever had to encounter... our small talk was so embarasing "is it your first time..." and so on. I just ran straight out and chucked him the box. Looking back it must have been hilarious seeing me buying them but at the time it was so embarasing :

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    I had a similar experience on my 16th when some 'friends' of mine bought me chocolate condoms as my birthday and I screamed which created attention in what was a family restaurant and little kids saw me freaking out and the employees weren't pleased at all.

    Thankfully they returned it however the shopkeeper was checking for holes in the packaging to which I laughed LOL!

    Komilly x